7 Tips for a Stand-Out College Essay

College essays are an integral part of the college application. Students, therefore, start with their essays months in advance, in order to get the best output. It’s a daunting task to write a college essay by an essay writer due to either an abundance of material to write from or due to lack of it.

Here are some useful tips and tricks that you can employ while writing your essay:

Make the essay about you

Its easier to get out of track while writing the essay such that the essay becomes about a thing or a person that you are trying to relate. For example, an essay about what is your motivation or inspiration can end up being about a person; and before you know it you are a secondary in your own essay. The college essay isn’t a one-person job; at some point in writing the essay expects your peers, family, and essay writing service professionals to take part in it too.

Go for uncommon topics and unique connections

To stand out amongst the plethora of essays--both good and bad-- you will need to pry open the eyes of the people at admissions. This can be done by talking about an uncommon topic that they have not come across and build upon that uniqueness by making uncommon connections with various experiences and objects.

Clichéd topics need more attention

If you want to write my essay on a common topic as it best portrays your character like so many others than you are in for a challenge. Topics that are a cliche include the loss of a person close to you, your dad being your inspiration, your trip abroad that taught you important lessons, etc.

While there is no hard and fast rule to not write on such topics, it is better not to. Such topics push you into a pool of essays that came about through procrastination and a lack of effort.

Still, if you persist in writing on the topic, you will have to deal with the mammoth task with making your essay writing unique and exciting with each sentence of your essay.

Essay theme

A theme connects and presents the contents of an essay to make sense to the readers and to communicate a message. The theme can be achronological one, where events are presented in accordance with the moving time. The theme can also be independent of time, and revolve around a general category such as sports, culture, a thing, etc.

Themes that are independent of chronology are best reserved for the essays that are not too dependent on the narrative style. Instead, they talk about a subject and connect it with their experiences.

Don’t try to cover lots of ideas

Remember, that it’s better to revolve around a couple of your strongest points than run circles around plenty of mediocre points. Don’t let your college essay be a simple list of things that don’t tell anything about you.

Guys at admissions love a good story

Stories produce some of the best essays. It immerses the reader into the writer’s perspective and helps them understand the experiences and the person better. A story as a whole can communicate plenty between the lines--something other forms of writing can’t.

Show the university that you have done your research

While talking about your field of interest, your passion, or experience, it’s important to connect it with the related departments and opportunities that the university in question will provide. You can talk about your interest in working with a certain academic of the university or you can talk about a tradition of the university that you love. This tells the evaluators that you have researched the university and are serious about it.

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